The Brayden CPR Manikin is used for CPR training throughout North America, Europe, Asia, Australia and beyond!

  • The Brayden CPR training manikin is a new tool which helps improve the comprehension of the effects of cardio-cerebral resuscitation and facilitates the evaluation of the quality of chest compressions.
    Dr. Pascal Cassan, Head of the International Federation of Red Cross Global First Aid Reference Center
  • A future nurse taking the CPR class on the Brayden Manikin by Aero Healthcare US loved how it showed the effects of compressions in the body.
    FullCodeCPR, Instructors in Los Angeles County, CA
  • This device helps both the instructor and the end user to visualise what happens to the flow of blood to the brain based on the speed & depth of compressions. This is a fantastic opportunity to provide confidence and ability to the end user, in the event they may have to provide real life CPR to a patient.
    Paul Stevens, Ambulance Service Locality Manager
  • This training manikin is a useful addition to those currently available. The light effects to show likely sufficient coronary and cerebral flows is novel and will be an effective stimulus for improving the quality of compressions.
    Professor Douglas Chamberlain
  • The reaction has been amazing - we use other manikins, but everyone gets rotated through onto Brayden! Once I need to replace my other 20 manikins, I will certainly be looking at replacing them with Brayden.
    Sue, First Aid Instructor, Australia
  • I have been a Paramedic professional for more than 20 years, and taught First Aid for just as long. Last week I used the Brayden Manikins in a real class of Fire Fighters whom regularly renew their CPR every 6 months. I could not stop them from CPR training and they wanted to show the rest of the crews on station.

    I have always been asked by students "how am I going?? is it deep enough?? is it fast enough??" and my reply was always it looks about right or maybe a little deeper but honestly it was just a guess. With the global CPR focus now being towards quality compressions, the Brayden Manikins are a game changer.
    Grant, Ambulance Service, Australia
  • We have recently upgraded to the new Brayden. I have never had such success in teaching CPR as I'm having with these new units. The light function fascinates the students and they are more focussed on hand placement, depth of compression and compression speed than they have ever been, simply because they're not waiting for me to assess them, they are self-assessing based on the forehead light.

    Very, very happy with these units overall. Made my job a whole lot easier and hopefully, resulted in better trained CPR practitioners.
    Karl, First Aid Instructor, Australia
  • There are many CPR mannequins on the market, but the Brayden manikin brings visual and real-time objective feedback that is intuitive and makes sense to everyone and highlights the very reason why we should perform high quality CPR - that is to re-perfuse the brain with oxygenated blood! The red lights "flowing" to the forehead of this mannequin when adequate CPR is performed is a simple and a great idea! The Brayden manikin brings something new that really promotes quality chest compressions in an unambiguous manner for lay persons and professionals alike.
    Professor Guillaume Alinier, Director of Research, Hamad Medical Corporation Ambulance Service, Qatar
  • The Brayden CPR manikin is one of many manikins that are currently available on the market. It has a very interesting feature which allows the user to get immediate real time feedback on their performance. The light effects help to ensure that the quality of compression meets the required 2015 guidelines whether that is ERC or AHA. The Brayden manikin would be of benefit particularly to the lay person in helping to reinforce the purpose of delivering effective CPR.
    Helen Henderson, Lead Simulation Educator, Khalaf Ahmad Al Habtoor Medical Simulation Center, Dubai
  • This manikin is a refreshing change from traditional basic life support manikins. I have found my class more eager to practice with this new CPR feedback technique. Demonstrating blood flow and the concept of CPR in this unique way engages every class I teach. Over the last year the manikin has proved to be robust and reliable after being transported to a variety of locations for basic CPR teaching sessions.
    Rob Morrison, Resuscitation Officer, Darent Valley Hospital, UK
  • I've personally used the Brayden manikin and it works well. The compliance of the chest when doing correct compressions according to ERC Guidelines (5cm to 6cm) is realistic and the intuitive visual feedback encourages candidates to try to “illuminate” the brain with blood. The Brayden manikin offers a cost effective way of providing real time objective feedback when compared to other manikins on the market and I would recommend that they are regularly used on BLS courses to improve CPR performance.
    Dr Francesc Carmona, Emergency Physician, Barcelona, Spain
  • The Brayden manikin is a novel product which offers something not currently provided by other manikins in the market at this price range. I believe the red light system indicating cerebral perfusion in relation to the quality of chest compressions might offer a visual training aid to both professional and lay rescuers.
    Matt Aldridge, Senior Lecturer in adult nursing, University of Wolverhampton, UK
  • The Brayden manikin helps in a new way to improve CPR skills and provides both trainees and trainer immediate objective visual feedback which is very inspiring for trainees. Quality of compressions is paramount in resuscitation and the manikin guides trainees in a very stimulating way to improve this lifesaving technique.
    Rene Boomars and Dr Rob Lichtveld, Regionale Ambulance Voorziening Utrecht, Holland
  • In order to increase cardiac arrest survival rates, it is essential not only to commence CPR at an early stage, but also to deliver it in the most optimal way, i.e. with adequate compression rate and compression depth. The Brayden manikin continuously monitors these relevant parameters, and delivers a simple visual and real-time feedback to the performer. Either the brain is adequately supplied with oxygenated blood - or it is not. This is an ideal approach for basic CPR skills training.
    Lt Col Prof Lars Lundberg, University of Borås, Sweden
  • We always have to search for different ways for didactic learning in CPR education. The Brayden manikin adds a new and innovative way to teach CPR via a light indicator that simulates basic perfusion. It is useful for training at a community level with lay personel as well as for refreshing CPR skills with health care professionals.
    Prof. Christoph Redelsteiner PhDr, MSW, MSc, St. Pö lten Paramedic University of Applied Sciences, Austria
  • The ERC 2015 Guidelines for Resuscitation identify the usefulness of feedback from devices during CPR training as a way of improving trainees' skill acquisition and retention. The Brayden manikin achieves this in an innovative and effective way and allows trainers to assess objectively whether chest compressions are being delivered in accordance with recommendations, rather than simply relying on making a subjective estimation.
    Dr. Carl Gwinnutt, Salford Royal Hospitals NHS Foundation Trust, UK
  • believe the Brayden manikin represents an important and innovative advance to help ensure effective CPR competence upon which all successful resuscitation is based.
    Professor Andy Newton, South East Coast Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust, UK
  • I believe that the Brayden manikin is a new concept and a good tool for teaching CPR to the "next generation" of lifesavers to help save lives. The Brayden manikin gives the learner real time feedback on their CPR performance in an enjoyable and modern visual and intuitive way.
    Dr Federico Semeraro, Consultant in Anaesthesia and Intensive Care, Bologna
  • The new Brayden CPR manikin enables both the learner and the instructor to monitor CPR quality in a simple and intuitive way. The real-time feedback enables the learner and instructor to visualize the main goal of CPR "cardio-cerebral reperfusion" easily and perfectly.
    Rainer Gaupp, Researcher at the Albert-Ludwigs-University Freiburg, Germany

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