Introducing the Brayden Manikin

The amazing Brayden CPR Manikin lets your students see the real point of CPR – getting blood flowing to the brain and other organs.

Using animated LED lights under the skin, your students will see the effect their CPR Compression Depth, Speed and Recoil has as the red LED lights respond to the quality of their technique.

Winner of the 2016 iF Design Award for Medicine & Health, this essential visual learning tool instantly reinforces CPR Trainers instructions to students. The Brayden CPR Manikin’s dual modes help structure CPR training: from learning effective CPR to perfecting CPR technique, in accordance with ARC guidelines.

Three sets of lights give instant feedback:


Chest Compression Indicating Lights

These LEDs represent the volume of blood being circulated by the depth of the chest compressions.

They fully animate when the depth of compressions is over 5cm - too shallow or without full recoil they will only partially illuminate. In Mode 2 (advanced learning) these lights will freeze full-on if compressions are too deep (above 6cm).


Blood Circulation Indicating Lights

These LEDs represent the flow of blood from the heart towards the brain.

The speed of the blood flow shown varies according to the depth and speed of compressions, only fully animating when the depth is effective and compressions are at a rate of 100-120 per minute.


CPR Quality Indicating Lights

These LEDs indicate when bloodflow is reaching the brain.

These will only light when the depth and speed of the compressions are both correct.

Watch the full video now and on YouTube to see the Brayden CPR Manikin in action with all training modes fully demonstrated!

Brayden also features a sophisticated ventilation system for teaching CPR Rescue Breaths hygienically, with allergy-free materials and disposable lungs to ensure your students are comfortable and able to commit fully to your CPR training course. Realistic neck, nose and chest movements enhance the visual learning process.

Realistic & Hygienic airway and ventilation construction:


Realistic Airflow

Head tilt and chin lift opens airways, with accurate Oral and Nasal passages and a realistic nose pinch.

Brayden is compatible with Oxygen Masks and disposable CPR Face Shields.


Hygienic Ventilation

Air from Brayden's disposable lungs is vented through the back of his head, ensuring students never come into contact with exhaled air - reducing the risk of cross-contamination.


Realistic chest rise and Latex-Free skin

Anatomically correct chest that rises and falls realistically as air enters and leaves Brayden's disposable lungs.

Harmless, latex-free skin is easy to clean - and defibrillator pads are easily removed. RoHS & REACH compliant.

Brayden can be taken anywhere with it's convenient travel bag that unzips to double as a CPR training mat. The travel bag keeps your Brayden and the full range of accessories safe and secure, while the flexibility of long-life batteries and an optional AC power adaptor allows you to train in any location.

Brayden audio and power options keeps CPR training flexible:


Power Options

Brayden can be AC mains powered, or battery powered.

A set of 6 alkaline batteries can power Brayden through an amazing 160,000 compressions!

Audio Options

Audio Options

Chest Compression mechanical clicker can be turned on or off with the Audible Clicker Switch.

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